Deutschland Blog - - Part 2
25. February 2018

The Past as Present

Christian Petzold’s Transit, a frontrunner in the Berlinale competition, turns Anna Seghers’ World War II novel of exile into a cautionary tale about present-day developments.

22. February 2018

Between recreation and flight

Zentralflughafen THF (Central Airport THF) and Styx: two films in the section Panorama show global immigration movements from different perspectives.

19. February 2018

Talking Dogs

Berlinale blogger Gerasimos Bekas saw Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, then rubbed shoulders with Berliners at rush hour.

18. February 2018

That uncertain feeling

What trends are next-generation German filmmakers setting these days? Philipp Bühler looks at the “Perspektive Deutsches Kino” section of the Berlinale showcasing highly imaginative work of …

17. February 2018

What Happens after the Acceptance-Speech?

Winning a Golden Bear attracts a lot of publicity to a film, but does the audience always react positively to an award-winning film in China? By …

16. February 2018


The hunt for the Golden Bear has begun and the 68th Berlinale has some surprises in store for movie enthusiasts. Greek women filmmakers are enjoying international …

15. February 2018

Seven things you need to know about the Berlinale

Spectacular, forgotten, memorable and utopian: Why the Berlinale is what it is. THE MUSHROOM HEATER FACTOR: DEFECTS COME UP TRUMPS After Cannes and Venice, the Berlinale …

14. February 2018

Berlinale Blogger 2018

Berlin Hosts the Film World: The 68th Berlinale will take place from 15 to 25 February. Ten bloggers and film journalists from around the world will report as Berlinale Bloggers.

9. January 2018

Only forwards, not backwards

Syrian-Palestinian author Ramy al-Asheq on a question he often gets asked in Germany.

8. December 2017

Photo Friday: General Assembly of Santa Clauses

On November 25th, the general assembly of male and female Santa Clauses of the student services took place in Berlin.

7. December 2017

Who I am

Ramy al-Asheq was born a Palestinian refugee and lived in Syria and Jordan. He arrived in Germany in 2014. Here, the author and journalist writes about that new beginning in life.

17. November 2017

Getting ready for scale-up!

Vicfold Recyclers from Nigeria was the winner of the #youforG20 contest. Founder Amusa Victor blogs about what happened since then – and why his own car has become a waste cart.

10. November 2017

5 steps of German immigration

25% of Americans claim German heritage. Many of the immigrants settled along the Ohio River. In Louisville, Kentucky, the number went up from a handful of Germans in the 1820s to 18.000 German immigrants by the 1850s. The German Bus Team put the city on the top of their list of places to find citizens with German roots. Here comes a list of the first 5 steps the immigrants took when they arrived in their new home

7. November 2017

What do you know about Germany?

In Nashville, Tennessee, the German Bus Team took part in a trivia night. As the organizers knew we were coming they included some Germany-related questions in the …