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21. September 2018

Reflections on Startup Mentoring in Germany

Such a great chance: Amusa Victor, founder of Vicfold Recyclers from Nigeria, took part in a mentoring camp and presented his start-up at the Afrolynk Conference in Berlin.

18. April 2018

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2018

So what brings 2,000 conference participants from over 90 countries, some 180 journalists, 30 ministers and state secretaries and over 100 high-level speakers to the German Federal Foreign Office for two days in the middle of April?

10. November 2017

5 steps of German immigration

25% of Americans claim German heritage. Many of the immigrants settled along the Ohio River. In Louisville, Kentucky, the number went up from a handful of Germans in the 1820s to 18.000 German immigrants by the 1850s. The German Bus Team put the city on the top of their list of places to find citizens with German roots. Here comes a list of the first 5 steps the immigrants took when they arrived in their new home

3. July 2017

The #youforG20 voting has started

Click the Facebook Like-Button on the project page to vote for your favourite.

12. June 2017

#youforG20 – your project for an interconnected world

#youforG20 – is looking for the best project for an interconnected world

17. January 2017

The opening of the Dutch-German Forum

“The bilateral relations are a determining factor in order to maintain the European Union.” The presidents of the German and the Dutch board Rita Süssmuth and Jan-Peter …

18. July 2016

Where borders are blurred

From Frankfurt/Oder it is only a short walk to the Polish town of Słubice. This is perhaps the best place there is for sensing what Europe means. …

12. July 2016

Photos: International Energy Transition

All photos by: Atsunobu Takeshita Out and about with visitors from all over the world, wanting to know how Germany is recalibrating its energy system. In a …

11. July 2016

Report of the German Government Energy Tour April 24 – 30, 2016

by Feyisayo Fatona-Ajayi Background As part of deliberate efforts of Germany to promote renewable energy as well as deemphasize nuclear energy, the Federal Foreign Office of the …

22. June 2016

The Future of Our Cities – Lots of Green, Lots of Blue

How do we want to live? Architects, urban planners and other experts from around the world explored some of the ideas emanating from Germany. A lot of …

9. May 2016

International Energy Transition

Out and about with visitors from all over the world, wanting to know how Germany is recalibrating its energy system. In a small town near Greifswald the …

18. March 2016

Photo Friday: First European Space Agency-Roscosmos mission to Mars started

The first of two joint European Space Agency-Roscosmos missions to Mars began a seven-month journey to the red planet on March 14th, 2016. From Mars it …

20. February 2015

Heartbeats 2015 – in love with a German?

Are you in love with a German? Some people say that the language of love is universal. But what happens when two people from different countries fall …