Time to grind the wheels

27. February 2018

Amusa Victor from Vicfold Recyclers, the winner of our #youforG20 contest, about the arrival of the startup’s new machines and its success at the African Entrepreneurship Award.

The birth of a new era is usually stimulated by a major intervention, the #youforG20 prize birthed an era of tremendous growth at Vicfold Recyclers, Nigeria. Late December 2017 we went ahead to win the African Entrepreneurship Award in environment category in Casablanca.

2018 has been opening with a bang, our machines have been delivered in February, our factory building is complete and power installations made. It’s time to grind the wheels and process recyclable waste – look out for pictures of our activities on this blog space.

Kwara Waste Overflow

Kwara Waste Overflow

New year resolution is a tradition in which an individual resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a certain personal goal or otherwise improve their lives. A lot of resolutions greeted the air during the early hours of the year 2018. It’s typical though of our contemporary time that every new year ushers in new commitment and devotions to something we struggled with in the past year, from habits and attitudes to friends and decisions not worthwhile. Again, a lot of resolutions and pledges have been made, most of which have been broken over and over again in the very few days that just passed in the year.

Inside the factory buildingPermit me to add a very thought provoking resolution to your long list or perhaps pressing resolution for the year, it’s called a zero-waste resolution…What does a zero-waste resolution entail? Join me in my next blog post.

Amusa Temitope Victor is an Environmentalist, Social Entrepreneur, and Zero-Waste Advocate. Winner YouforG20 Competition. He is the Chief Executive Officer, Vicfold Recyclers - A Recycling Firm based in Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria, which Promotes Incentive Motivated Recycling.