Photo Friday: First European Space Agency-Roscosmos mission to Mars started

The first of two joint European Space Agency-Roscosmos missions to Mars began a seven-month journey to the red planet on March 14th, 2016. From Mars it will address unsolved mysteries of the planet’s atmosphere that could indicate present-day geological – or even biological – activity. 

The orbiter will also act as a data relay for the second ExoMars mission, comprising a rover and stationary surface science platform, which is scheduled for launch in May 2018, arriving on Mars in early 2019.

ExoMars 2016 fairing release

ExoMars 2016 fairing release

More information:

European Space Agency: ExoMars

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Title Image: ESA–Stephane Corvaja, 2016
Text Image: ESA–David Ducros

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