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10. November 2017

5 steps of German immigration

25% of Americans claim German heritage. Many of the immigrants settled along the Ohio River. In Louisville, Kentucky, the number went up from a handful of Germans in the 1820s to 18.000 German immigrants by the 1850s. The German Bus Team put the city on the top of their list of places to find citizens with German roots. Here comes a list of the first 5 steps the immigrants took when they arrived in their new home

7. November 2017

What do you know about Germany?

In Nashville, Tennessee, the German Bus Team took part in a trivia night. As the organizers knew we were coming they included some Germany-related questions in the …

5. November 2017

Zigge Zagge, Zigge Zagge, Hoi Hoi Hoi!

Germantown in Memphis, Tennessee, is celebrating its first communal Oktoberfest. By chance, the German Bus Team happened to be in town to help get the party started. 

3. November 2017

Kick it like the Germans

At Millsaps College in Mississippi the men’s soccer coach is from Germany. Steve Voltz regularly travels around the world to recruit young new stars for his team. …

1. November 2017

Why the road trip?

Our countries share a long history, common values and common interests. On this tour, we want to talk with our American friends about political, social and cultural topics.

31. Oktober 2017

Off we go

3 people, 2 weeks, 1 Bus. We-- Claire, Jonas and Eva of the "GermanBusUSA" Team have started our roadtrip through several states in the American south.