Reflections on Startup Mentoring in Germany

21. September 2018

It is cultural for Africans to support a young child during the transit from crawling to walking upright through conscious and painstakingly repeated holding of hands. Despite the efforts of the parents or older siblings, the walk of the child is not immediately seamless and the trainer runs to guide him from falling each time he is about getting exhausted. The memories of these baby steps give parents joy when the child eventually grows to complete college or achieves awesome feat later in life. Tears of joy roll down their faces when they see the one time child taking baby steps now walking down the aisle. This analogy summarizes my experience at the ENPACT-Berlin Start-up Mentoring Camp in Germany.

Mentoring leads start-ups on the path to success

Mentoring in entrepreneurship is the evolution of social impact in the very stormy oceans of business. Successful Entrepreneurs who have expended a lot of energy and resources and have weathered the storm voluntarily step forward to hold start-ups by the hands to help them transit from crawling to standing tall in the entrepreneurship world. These vast banks of experience are priceless and timeless, as the circle of challenges in the quest for a successful business experience follows a pattern. A little sharing of notes, a little tearing apart and rebuilding of dreams by successful entrepreneurs has lead a lot of start-ups on the path to success.

Start-ups from West Africa and Europe came together in Bad Belzig to participate in very engaging eye-opening workshops facilitated by experts and successful entrepreneurs. Each start up is paired with  successful entrepreneurs who then mentor them for eight months in order to join them grow their businesses in their respective countries. After that, their growth is evaluated. The connection created by the mentoring platform never ends. Start-ups across the world need to explore the huge benefits of mentoring programmes, especially a well-crafted one like ENPACT-Berlin Start-up Mentoring which avails the opportunity for international travels, one-on-one mentoring and business coaching, insightful workshop sessions, collaborative problem-solving techniques and networking opportunities.

Vicfold Recyclers at the Afrolynk Conference

A pitch competition was hosted at the Coconat Worknation Facility in Bad Belzig, and I won the opportunity to pitch at the Afrolynk Conference. It was such a great opportunity to tell the inspiring story of my start up at the Afrolynk Conference held in Berlin on 31st August 2018! I was glad to tell my environment story at a tech conference, so that together with techies and geeks we can further innovate for green technologies and eco sustainability.

As I head to the airport Berlin Tegel to board my flight back to Nigeria, I reflect how the German mentoring programme has improved Vicfold Recyclers. As I look down from the plane to the see the green spaces and awesome renewable energy sites in Wittenberg, it has been a fulfilling experience. I am looking forward to another learning visit to Germany soon.

Amusa Temitope Victor is an Environmentalist, Social Entrepreneur, and Zero-Waste Advocate. Winner YouforG20 Competition. He is the Chief Executive Officer, Vicfold Recyclers - A Recycling Firm based in Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria, which Promotes Incentive Motivated Recycling.