Why the road trip?

1. November 2017

Our countries share a long history, common values and common interests. On this tour, we want to talk with our American friends about political, social and cultural topics

What are you interested in when it comes to Germany and our two countries‘ relationship? What are your views on Germany? For that we visit schools, college campuses, and conferences in each state along our route. Since in 2018 we will be launching a „Germany Year“ in the United States – a year of intensive events, exchanges and discussions of issues affecting both countries – the meetings on our Bus tour will also help us in our preparations.

On our trip, we will take part in German-related events like the American version of Oktoberfest. We will host a German trivia night and, of course, take in some country and blues. Also we will visit German businesses and heritage sites with local historians and german-o-philes. One of them will be a site of the first German settlement in the Virginia. Now, enough talking, let’s hit the road and get this trip started!

Claire, 24, works at the German Embassy in Washington (middle)
Jonas, 34, works at the German Foreign Office in Berlin
Eva, 34, is a freelancing Journalist from Berlin (left)