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12. June 2017

#youforG20 – your project for an interconnected world

#youforG20 – is looking for the best project for an interconnected world

12. July 2016

Fashion: 180 Seconds in Hamburg

Hamburg without its harbour – unthinkable. The designers of the Hamburg fashion label “Dreimaster” draw inspiration for their designs from ships and old sailors tales. More …

11. March 2016

Photo Friday: Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2016 in Hamburg

The Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2016 (SBE16) took place in Hamburg this week, boasting the motto “Strategies, Stakeholders, Success Factors.” Renowned Scientists from around the world …

19. June 2015

With One Another – Against One Another: 180 Seconds Hamburg

In Hamburg live about 1,200 homeless people. For many it is difficult to reintegrate themselves into society. But in the centre of Hamburg there is a …

21. April 2015

Hamburg in 180sec

On the River Elbe, we meet René Batistil. René was a seaman and tells us, in “180 Seconds Hamburg”, why his homeland is neither Germany nor …

17. April 2015

Photo Friday: Monuments in Germany

The Bismarck Memorial in St. Pauli (dpa) Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg für Königin Katharina (dpa) International Monument Day is 18 April  

16. April 2015

Office space

Snacks on an office desk (photo: dpa) As you can suspect after reading my previous blog entry, I have many reasons to enjoy being a student. …

31. March 2015

Traveling to Hamburg, venturing into the field of Law and Economics

Cintia Nunes in Hamburg Hello world! I exchanged my seaside shrimp-exporter tropical hometown in northeastern Brazil for Hamburg. I won’t say I have never doubted my …

12. February 2015

Heartbeats: Derek & Marc

Some people say that the language of love is universal.  But what happens when two people from different countries fall in love?  On Heartbeats bi-national couples …

21. November 2014

Photo Friday: Winter in Hamburg

Winter in Hamburg Hamburger Rathaus im Winter Photos: Alexander Fallier