Deutschland Blog - - Part 2
14. February 2017

Berlinale Tidbits: Day 5

Who was seen on the red carpet, how good films can taste, and how safe it is at the Berlinale. Impressions from the fifth day of the Berlin Film Festival.

14. February 2017

Berlinale tidbits: Day 2 to 4

Who was spotted on the red carpet, the highlights on show in cinemas, and how to achieve the Berlinale look. Snapshots from the first weekend of the …

14. February 2017

“The Other Side of Hope” is more topical than ever

Everyone says it’s the favourite. And it is almost inevitable: Aki Kaurismaki is the quintessential “festival” director – one of those directors both jury and public can’t …

14. February 2017

Hot Jazz and Scalding History

The first sounds in Django arise, unsurprisingly, from a guitar; however the sight accompanying the jaunty strummed refrains proves far from harmonious. As gypsies gather in a …

13. February 2017

Berlinale-Blogger 2017

About the Project Berlin will be playing host to the world of film when the 67th Berlinale comes to town from 9 to 19 February 2017. On …

10. February 2017

Berlinale tidbits: Day 1

Where stars and cinema lovers meet: The Berlinale presents over 400 films and film premieres. First impressions  The stage is set for the Berlin International Film Festival: …

22. January 2017

How are the Dutch-German relations today?

At the Dutch-German Forum 2017, our young media team conducted interviews to the current state of the relation between the two neighbouring countries. The Dutch

20. January 2017

In which Europe would you like to live in?

At the Dutch-German Forum 2017, our young media team conducted interviews on perceptions of an ideal Europe. The Dutch German Forum is a bilateral conference since 1996. …

19. January 2017

Flucht 2.0 – wie Flüchtlinge sich informieren

Am Ende wartet ein eigenes Haus – da sind sich viele Geflüchtete sicher, wenn sie sich auf den langen Weg nach Europa machen. Der Kommunikationswissenschaftler Prof. Martin …

19. January 2017

The future of migration: the demography myth and the bigger picture

Once upon a time on a late January afternoon, students, politicians, sociologists and a Germanist came together to discuss the future of migration. Yet before

18. January 2017

Voerendaal und Mössingen – eine lokale Perspektive auf die Flüchtlingskrise

Auf den ersten Blick haben die niederländische Kleinstadt Voerendaal und die deutsche Kleinstadt Mössingen nicht viel gemeinsam. Seit dem Höhepunkt der Flüchtlingskrise 2015 hat sich in beiden …

18. January 2017

Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds

Can collectivity overcome the demands posed by state sovereignty in a crumbling Union? Seeking a collective solution to the migrant crisis could constitute the first of …

18. January 2017

„Wir brauchen ein effizienteres Europa“

Der für uns spannendste Teil war, als wir die beiden Außenminister ausfragen durften. Jedem von uns brannten viele Fragen unter den Nägeln. Europa der verschiedenen Geschwindigkeiten Die …

18. January 2017

Migration: Let’s get to work!

After the Dutch and German foreign ministers spent the morning answering questions of young Europeans, former Dutch prime-minister Jan-Peter Balkenende shook up the diplomatic atmosphere by promptly …