Frankfurt’s Book Bonanza

11. Oktober 2012

For first-timers, the Frankfurt Book Fair can be a little overwhelming. Around 300,000 people attended the trade show last year. This year is expected to be just as big.

Since not everyone can experience the bonanza of books in person, Magazin Deutschland decided to stop in and find out what all the excitement’s about.


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

To start with—there’s a lot of reading going on. No big surprise there right?


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

The exhibitors‘ booths are really colourful–especially in the Art & Design section.


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

There’s a little zaniness too. This was by far the strangest booth display.


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

You can find books about everything—from Kurdistan’s history to cats doing yoga.


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

Lots of people get together to talk about book deals and such.


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

And publishers discuss books in their catalogue.


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

And authors (like Donna Leon) are interviewed about books they’ve written.


Photo (cc) flickr user ccarroll4

There are also a lot of snacks. Books and bon bons are a great combination.

Have you been to the Frankfurt Book Fair before? What were your impressions?

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  1. Janet

    Very nice pics!!

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