Bookstore Nostalgia

Why go to a bookstore when you can buy online? Why indeed? This year, more Germans used websites to buy their books than ever before. Part of the reason may be ease—it takes less time to get on the computer and click “purchase” than it does to walk to a shop. But some think there’s something lost doing all that book buying online.

As the Frankfurt Book Fair gets underway, Magazin Deutschland thinks this is a perfect time to wax nostalgic about bookstores.

These are some of the bookstores we’ve visited and liked around the world.

What are some of your favorites?

Saint George’s English Bookshop – Berlin, Germany

In multicultural Berlin, Saint George’s English Bookshop satisfies those English-speaking expats craving a new read.

pick a book

Saint George’s English Bookshop. Photo (cc) flickr user doistrakh


Walther König Buchhandlung – Germany

Walther König has great collections of books on art, architecture, photography, and design. Stores can be found in most major cities in Germany, as well as in London and Milan.

Eduards Traum

Walter König Buchhandlung. Photo (cc) flickr user bm.m


Powell’s Books – Portland, Oregon USA

As the largest used and new bookstore in the world, Powell’s Books is the perfect place to relax on a rainy Northwestern afternoon.

Powell's Book

Powell’s Books. Photo (cc) flickr user Purblind


Shakespeare and Company Bookshop – Paris, France

Since 1951, Shakespeare and Company Bookshop on Paris’ Left Bank has provided booklovers a quiet place to meet. Books bought at this shop usually carry the red stamp of Shakespeare and Company on the first page.

Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare and Company. Photo (cc) flickr user MystaPual




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